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We have recently added profiling and polishing services to the wide range of services we already provide. In profiling, we provide shaping and designing of marble and granite as per customer rwwuriements.

This can be used in counter tops, thresholds, skirting, etc. We also do polishing of marble and granite which due to long storage periods under the sun loses its shine.

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We at Supreme Marbles and Granite Trading believe in being the one stop solution for our customers for their requirements of supply of materials from various parts of the world being India, Brazil, Vietnam, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain, etc. and also provide integrated services of high quality ranging from cutting, rounding, polishing, flaming, etc.

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Office Address: Plot#34 industrial area 11,PO Box 41298, Sharjah, UAE Office Phone:0097165344514 Store Address: Plot# A/2227 industrial area 11,PO Box 41298 , Sharjah, UAE Store Phone:0097165428734 Email:suprememarble@hotmail.com
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